Sunday, August 07, 2005

I'm not wearing pants and you can't make me


Doesn't the title say it all?

Grant's newest pastime is, you guessed it, taking off his pants and diaper. He does it at night. During the day. He'd probably do it at the park if he wasn't distracted by all of the slides and swings.

He's my toddler flasher.

I think it's because he likes his wee-wee. It's one of his favorite words. Certainly, it's his clearest word. Such a man. He enjoys having the openness of his wee-wee in the fresh air, and then he likes to grab onto it and say, "wee-wee." I'm so proud.

This would be a terribly cute phase if it weren't for all of the messes. It's almost like house training a dog. But how many dogs can actually say, "I yuv you"? And give hugs? And say "mommy"?

Let's just hope it's a short phase.


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