Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The King of Fun and the Queen of Everything


I'm taking a class this summer. In it I've met this gregarious lady whom I really like. I have actually met her before (when I took this same class before) and I liked her then, too.

She's a bit older than I am. In fact she has children who are around my age and a grandchild close to my kids' ages. But she's just a neat lady. She kind of tells it like it is. She's a bit overweight, but wouldn't think to diet. "They still make clothes that fit me, don't they?" she says without even a hint of irony.

And unflappable. Why today, in the middle of her presentation someone's cell phone rang and rang AND RANG. Joyce just said, "You better answer." The girl was mortified and announced to the class (in a most crass and uncouth manner) "I'm on her crap-list!" Joyce didn't lose a beat and just said, "Do I look bothered?" And she wasn't. Not a bit. Her voice never wavered. Not during the ringing, or the continued ringing, nor during the ridiculous comment.

I would have faked a smile and tried to be pleasant. But Joyce never changed her facial expression. Just looked at her with the exact same expression and spoke to her with the exact same voice. I would have used my fake higher, I'm-trying-to-be-pleasant voice.

And Joyce is fun. She's always laughing. Everything around her is lighthearted and deliberately lacking in seriousness. In fact, her husband has dubbed himself "The King of Fun" and she is "The Queen of Everything." Even their nicknames are fun.

They have a boat (that they really use). And "The King of Fun" is painted on their boat. The King and Queen have friends and family and do a lot of entertaining.

It gets me to thinking. We are not fun. We are decidedly un-fun. George and I are so serious. George is more fun than I am. But I don't even know how to have fun. I really don't.

I've been thinking about this alot over the last couple of days. In any given situation, I can think of at least three ways to completely suck the fun out of the room. But I can think of no way in which to add to the fun. I can think of no way to have merriment.

Is there a gene that I am missing? Was there socialization that I missed out on? What the hell went wrong with me?

I think I want to have fun. I think I do. But it really is easier at this point to maintain status quo. It's hard to change lifelong habits. How would I even go about becoming more fun? It's not like there's a fun school I could go to to learn to have fun in six short weeks.

I guess I just need to take each opportunity as it presents itself and actually make the attempt to be fun. But first I have to figure out what the hell fun is.

I'll let you know if I do.


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