Monday, July 25, 2005

Kicking my ass into gear


It's time to get myself moving. To pick up the pace of this weight loss a bit. Oh sure, I can rest on the laurels of having lost 42 pounds, but it has taken a year and half. I could go a little faster. Maybe try a little harder.

Last fall I needed some new bras. And since I had lost weight, I knew that I needed a smaller size. So I found a website that told me all about how to measure myself. And I did. And wow! 38C! C! C! I hadn't been a C cup since sometime around the time that I married George (and come August 6th, that will be 11 years).

I was so excited about my new size. I mean, I knew I'd lost weight, and I could tell that my bras had gotten big, but man. A C cup! That was so completely beyond anything I'd hoped for. Naturally, I ordered as many 38C bras as I could find. I found lace bras: one pink, one blue, and one white. I found a black bra (I've never had a black bra before). And a couple of utilitarian bras that also happened to be quite beautiful. I've been wearing ultra-sensible grandma-looking things for the last decade... I wanted beautiful lingerie now that I was down to a size where I'd fit into it.

Days passed. And finally my beautiful brassieres arrived. Oh... they were so wonderful. So delicate and intricately detailed. And with lace. And color. And they were pretty. I could not wait to try these delicate beauties on. And then it happened.

One after the other. They didn't fit. It wasn't even close. Oh, I was a 38 alright, but I was nowhere near a C. I went back to the website, and I followed the directions again. I measured again and again. It had to be wrong. According to it I should be a C. But no. According to the very real, very beautiful collection of bras staring at me from my bed, I was not.

So I thought I'd just hang on to them. Because, after all, I'm losing weight, and in fifteen pounds, or so, they'll fit. Of course, I have been taking a long time to lose weight so it has been a long time and I'm just now down fifteen pounds. But no. Not yet. It's closer, though.

That's why I've decided it's time to do something. I'm going to do Oprah's Boot Camp. Now I don't usually fall for fads (maybe I do usually fall for fads and I'm just in denial), but I like that this is exercise-based. It's basically kicking your own ass into shape.

I'm feeling pretty tough these days, so I think I can do it. And I guess my announcing it here is like my commitment to it. So now I can't slack off. So feel free to shoot me an email and ask me how boot camp is going.

You'll know when those bras fit. I might even take pictures.


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