Sunday, June 19, 2005

Like a Father


I love Father's Day. I know it's probably just made up by the greeting card industry to sell cards (actually I don't know that at all), but it's a chance to show George just how much we love him and appreciate him.

I hope we show him at least a little everyday how much we love him. But on this day in particular we want him to know that he is amazing. And he is, don'tcha think?

How many men that you know work out of their homes so they can raise their children? How many men that you know do the lion's share of the cleaning? And all of the cooking? And without complaining. God, I'd be bitching constantly, but George is a much better person than I am and just accepts that this stuff has to get done and does it.

So today we've shown George just how much we love him, by giving him gifts and cards and doing some of the housework. I hope that he feels some of the love. Even if the card that I picked (for the kids to give to him) did accidentally read: "You are like a father to me."

At this very minute Grant is showing the love by screaming at the top of his lungs. Happy Father's Day.


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