Friday, June 17, 2005



You may have noticed I was gone for a while. Well, as inconsistent as I've become, you actually may not have noticed. Heh.

I've been off to the nether regions scoring tests for the state. It was an interesting experience. Eye-opening. I can't believe I'm saying this, but we actually have a pretty good test and a pretty good scoring system. (Wow! I can't believe they actually sold me on the damned thing.)

While I was doing that whole scoring thing, I had to drive two hours each way everyday. Every day. The scoring was done in a small town so I was going on an insignificant highway... that means no radio stations. And you know how after a while you just kind of get sick of cds because you want to listen to something else?

George was nice enough to lend me his iPod so I didn't have to worry about that problem. I just put it on his "songs" playlist and set it on "shuffle" and let it go. He has about seven days of songs on it right now.

After the first week, though, George did something even nicer. Since I have a birthday coming up he got me my own iPod Shuffle. It's just a baby iPod, but it's all I need. It holds about 120 songs and plays them in order or shuffles them. The thing is smaller than a pack of gum. Really.

I love this doo-dad. I mean, sure, it was nice using George's. And his has some cool features that mine doesn't have. But my little iPod Shuffle has the best feature of all--it's MINE. I don't have to ask him to use it when I run on the treadmill or give it back to him when I'm done. And it has MY music on it. Okay, so it really has a lot of the same songs on it, but his iPod would never have They Might Be Giants on it... mine does.

It's like Apple made it just for me. Because it does exactly what I need it to and nothing more. I don't need it to hold data files because I'm never going to put data files on it. I don't need a screen that shows me what song is playing because I don't care (and if I really need to know I can just plug it into my computer and find it quickly enough). And I love the shuffle feature, it's like my own personal radio station only without the songs that suck.

Oh, iPod Shuffle, I can tell that we're gonna be friends for a long time. (Say, that reminds me of a White Stripes song that I've been meaning to download... off to iTunes.)


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