Thursday, June 23, 2005

And I smell like one, too!


Happy birthday to me. Thirty-three.

I don't feel 33. Well, I really don't know what age I feel. In some ways I feel 43 and in other ways I feel 12. Apparently I'm quite confused.

The day started with a rousing rendition of the "Happy Birthday" song that has me living in a zoo and looking like a monkey. It was lively and heartfelt and all that that particular song should be when sung by a smartass and a three-year old. Is there a better way to wake up on your birthday?

I already got my iPod, so the gifts were taken care of. But I did spend a big chunk of my afternoon in the iTunes music store discovering all sorts of new bands and ferreting them away. I found two that I really like: Dressy Bessy and the Engineers. They are completely different from each other, so don't be confused by my mentioning them in the same sentence.

All in all it was a nice day. I do have one question, though: how the hell did my parents forget it was my birthday? It was 10:17 when they finally remembered to call me (and I didn't answer the phone, I was busy blogging at the time thank you very much). My sisters remembered. My in-laws remembered. Even my husband's grandmother remembered. But my parents can't be bothered until after ten o'clock? Nice. I'm sure the message they left for me (that's still waiting on my phone) has some excuse about how busy they were, but really, how hard is it to make a five-minute phone call at a reasonable hour on your child's birthday. Thanks mom and dad.

Oh well, at least they didn't forget completely, right? So it's not quite Sixteen Candles.


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